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Granny's Porch Storefront

Treasure Hunting for Antiques and Collectibles at Granny’s Porch in Oklahoma

Winter is the perfect season to go on a treasure hunt looking for antiques and collectibles. And my first stop was Granny’s Porch Antiques and Collectibles in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.

Granny's Porch

Meet Carol, the collector, curator and owner of Granny’s Porch, Antiques and Collectibles in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.
For twenty years Carol has greeted customers from behind the counter of Granny’s Porch.

With a background in art, she has an eye for what her customers collect. She personally selects each piece in her shop: antiques, glass, jewelry, pottery, porcelain, china, leather items, and more.

Floor to Ceiling Antiques and Collectibles

Granny's Porch Interior
Granny’s Porch Antiques and Collectibles, Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

For several years I have collected Depression Glass. So the collections of glass caught my eye right away. I am just a few pieces from having an eight place setting. It has become difficult to find the last pieces of depression glass in my chosen pattern. But I found several patterns of depression glass at Granny’s Porch.

Organized in Groupings

To make shopping easier for patrons, the shop’s collections are organized in groupings throughout the shop. There are figurines, pottery, leathers, aluminum, and western and Native American items.

It’s appropriate that Granny’s Porch is housed in a 100-year old building, which was originally an early day mercantile, or general store. Carol has made many improvements to the building. And she still has 5,000 feet of space on the second floor!

When visiting Granny’s Porch Antiques and Collectibles, plan to spend a little time looking through the many displays. You may just find a treasure of your own.

Location of Granny’s Porch

Granny’s Porch
117 S. Lee
Fort Gibson, OK 74434

Granny’s Porch is also listed in the Oklahoma Antique Trail.

*Granny’s Porch is open a limited number of days per week at this time. Please check Carol’s website page on Facebook for days and hours of operation.

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