Life on the Lake

Sunset Over the Lakae

Beautiful sunsets mark the end of many days on the lake.

Living on an Oklahoma lake

Lake Life

Do you know that Oklahoma has 200 man-made lakes, which is more than any other state?

Do you know that Oklahoma is said to have 2,000 miles more of shoreline than the Atlantic and Gulf coasts combined?

Camping, Water Sports and Fishing

I grew up going to the lakes on weekends and holidays with my family. And when I say “family” I mean parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and a grandmother. We would meet at the lake and camp out, swim, water ski, fish, and explore the lakeshore.

We all met at one of the lakes, each family driving or pulling a camp trailer, pickup and camper, or popup camping tent. Someone pulled a boat along for water skiing, fishing, setting out or checking jug lines, or trotlines for fish in the middle of the night.

So, it seemed natural that eighteen months ago when I found a lakefront home I liked, I made the move from the city to the lake. I’m well into collecting my lake attire: tee-shirts with sayings such as: Lake Hair Don’t Care, The Lake is Calling and I Must Go, and Yes, I Fish Too!

Living at the lake reminds me of those days at the lake with my family. But kids grow up and move away. My grandmother has long since passed away. Cousins have their own families now. It seems that the only reason to pull the family together these days is a funeral. My mother died in April of last year. And the family came together to attend her funeral.

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